5 Stars!

I think Frank is awesome. I love the fact that his shop is clean, friendly, inviting, and also caters to women. He really took his time, listened to me, and gave me a cut that complimented my face. I tried this barber because the last barbershop I went to was filthy. Not the case here!!!! You can tell that they clean their stations and the equipment frequently. I am definitely proud to support this brother and his establishment. I’ve received lots of compliments on my cut and I hope to refer some new business to him. Admittedly, his prices are a little higher than the average joe barber, but you truly have to consider the location and the quality that you are receiving. I think his prices are appropriate as long as he continues to deliver the same level of service. Keep it up!

I also liked the fact I can schedule my appointment online and they are open 7 days/week with extended hours.

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