Awesome job on the cut! Service was professional, safe and welcoming!

Safe and Welcoming!
Nick D.

Hair stylist was really good.. temp. check before entering, COVID precautions in place, liked the service.

COVID Precautions in Place!
Krishna P.

Shop takes precaution during Covid, barbers are always on point with their skills. Friendly environment AND great prices.

Great Prices!
Alexandra L.

For everyone out there looking for a great barber, Frank is it!!! I moved to Ashburn a few years ago and was looking for someone to cut my son’s hair. Several people recommended Frank to me, but I was still very skeptical. I have taken my son to so many people who claimed their work was the best, but I ended up very disappointed. Not only did Frank take time with my son to ensure he was comfortable with his cut, but he consulted with me as well. He is fast, efficient and very patient. I would recommend Frank to anyone who wants a “flawless cut” Thank you Jesus for sending us a blessing such a Frank!!

Frank is it!
Bonnie Glover

Frank Holmes has been cutting my hair for 3 years. During that time I have known him to be highly skilled, extremely accommodating and most importantly, a consummate professional. Anyone who takes pride in their haircut should consider giving Frank a shot.

Pride in his cuts!
MARCUS WASHINGTON, former NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker

I needed to cut and dye my hair for a football tournament but I didn’t have enough money for the hair color. Frank cut my hair and dyed it anyway. When you’re his client, he makes sure that he has your back. He looks out for you.

Takes care of you
D'Ondre Rhyne

I could talk about Frank’s proficiency as a barber, but I think it’s more important to speak about his professionalism and punctuality. When it comes to accommodating the business of the Northern Virginia lifestyle, he just can’t be beat. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have the time to sit idly by while waiting to get my hair cut. I call, make an appointment, get in, and get out. Now that’s priceless.

Professional and Punctual
Mike W

Frank has been keeping my son’s hair looking sharp for years. I send
everyone I know to him and they all rave about what a great job he did
with their haircut. He provides reliable and consistent service along
with flexible hours that work with my hectic schedule as a working
parent. Highly recommended!

I send everyone I know to Sharp Line Cuts!
Michelle Marshall

I’ve been going to Sharp Line Cuts for over a year now and I am extremely picky on who cuts my hair. I can say I have never had someone as professional as him cut my hair. He treats you as if you were a king on your throne. Impeccable lines on his edge ups and I always get asked who cuts my hair. I would recommend this shop to everyone as I already do.

I feel like a king!
Freddy T.

I stopped by just before closing to check the place out. Frank and Vonda were very warm and open telling me about their business and the services that they offer. I was going to come back in the morning for a haircut but Frank offered to do it then. What a great cut, took his time and the hot towel my head at the end of the cut was the best. I will continue to come to Sharp Line for my haircuts and looking forward to trying a hot lather shave and scalp massage with my next cut….

Very warm and open people
Nick B.

This is by far the best barber in Northern VA. Give Frank and his team a visit and you’ll keep coming back. Great cuts, friendly service. A++++ all around.

Achiel P.

Frank and Whitney took great care of me and my new haircut is on point. This is a great new family friendly barbershop in Ashburn. Great staff great people.

Taken care of!
Justin Jones

Sharp Line Cuts eliminated all the things I disliked at other salons. The staff was very professional, prompt and attentive. I loved the atmosphere! It was great to receive the same quality of service that other upscale salons offer without blowing my budget! I will definitely be going back!

Very professional
Sharp Line Cuts Customer

This place is fantastic. I have been looking for years for a good barber for African American hair. This is the place, fantastic service, great hair cuts, everything.

This place is fantastic!
Robert W.

LOVE IT!!! Sharp Line is the best! I live in Falls Church so driving out to Ashburn to get my son a hair cut or for my “Blowout” is saying something. You can make your appointments on-line and they send you a reminder text! The wait is minimal and the service is spot on. My son hates getting a hair cut but when we go there he hates to leave! The shop is super cute and there is a fabulous nail place next door. (They hooked me up just for being a Sharp Cuts costumer!) Mr. Frank and the Crew are super nice and Whitney whipped up my fro like no other! Be there or be square!

Lasharen Howell

I think Frank is awesome. I love the fact that his shop is clean, friendly, inviting, and also caters to women. He really took his time, listened to me, and gave me a cut that complimented my face. I tried this barber because the last barbershop I went to was filthy. Not the case here!!!! You can tell that they clean their stations and the equipment frequently. I am definitely proud to support this brother and his establishment. I’ve received lots of compliments on my cut and I hope to refer some new business to him. Admittedly, his prices are a little higher than the average joe barber, but you truly have to consider the location and the quality that you are receiving. I think his prices are appropriate as long as he continues to deliver the same level of service. Keep it up!

I also liked the fact I can schedule my appointment online and they are open 7 days/week with extended hours.

5 Stars!
Ayisha M.
Franklin Holmes has been my family barber for over 2 years. He is always polite and on time for our appointments. Franklin is very friendly and patient when cutting my 2 younger children’s hair, they love him. I would highly recommend him to any friend or family member
A Family Barber
Sabrina L. Noel

I always have a great experience at Sharp Line. I have had my hair cut by 3 barbers there and have been pleased with each one of them. They are always on time and I am in and out quickly.

Always on time!
Colony V.

They were friendly, Professional and given the COVID restrictions did a great job. Will recommend them to my friends.

Friendly and Professional!
Gregory M.

Easy and safe new check in process and my son always has a great experience!

Easy and Safe!
Shawnda W.

The barbershop was clean the barbers were friendly and it was very convenient plus I got the best haircut Ever!

Best Haircut Ever!
Keddy K.

Because you guys are the best and I will NOT be going anywhere else.

The Best!
Andy D.